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The Nightmare

United States

Mauricio Perez Director


    It is said there is a land between this world and the next...where life and death meet.

    Our greatest fantasies can be seen, touched...lived.

    This world is not meant for the living and the dead does not take kindly to intruders.

    Invade their world, and they invade ours...Your body locks, your voice becomes silenced...all you can do is watch in horror as the nightmare comes to life.

    It is said that the dead sits on you, slowly crushing your soul until it becomes theirs.

    Destroying the bridge between worlds is the only escape however no two bridges are the same...find your bridge... "The Nightmare" is a visual exploration of the phenomenon known as "sleep paralysis." Essentially your body is stuck in a state between being awake and being asleep.

    You are able to open your eyes, see and feel everything but your body is locked; you can't move a single muscle and can't talk.

    Many cultures have different names and explanations for these events and in my culture, the saying goes "Se te subio el muerto!" or "The dead spirit is on you!" Many people feel as if a spirit or dark shadow is sitting on your chest, suffocating you.

    Other feel as if there is someone or something in the room with you, others are transported to different worlds.

    Sometimes they are actually marvelous events but most of the time they are very terrifying.