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The Last Intervention


    The rebellious daughter (Alyssa Abreu) of divorced Dominican parents discovers her family is having an intervention in her honor in THE LAST INTERVENTION a new comedy from the producing team Rafael Blanco, Giovanny Blanco and Sarah Thorp, director Giovanny Blanco and writer Sarah Thorp starring Hemky Madera (Weeds), Katherine Dickson, Damaris Blanco, Justine Harrison and Amanda Brooke Lerner. Melky (Abreu), a 17 year old growing up in Hartford, CT, is kicked out of her house after her mother Marisela (Dickson) disapproves of her friends and her hobbies.

    This forces Melky to move in with her grandmother Abuela (Blanco) who allows her to stay in the basement.

    Melky’s father Cheche (Madera) worries about her and in an effort to repair his own standing within the family he recruits a documentary crew to help him stage and film an intervention.

    As the accusations escalate, other family members join in on the proceedings; some reluctantly like Melky’s brother Jupiter (Mark Gonzalez) and others a little too enthusiastically like her aunt Tia Fefa (Wanda Colon) and Melky’s cousin Hector (Nercido Mota).

    Leading the Intervention is Dr.

    Barb (Lerner) a self made interventionist who’s seen more than her share of drug related catastrophes.

    The film crew (Thelonius Griffin and Rafael Blanco) deal with problems of their own as their producer goes missing and an inexperienced P.A.

    (Harrison) steps in to fill her shoes.