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Adventures of Malia


shubhavi arya Director


    Malia and her family live in the dull city of Southern Hinterland.

    Southern Hinterland was once a beautiful city located along the Titanic Ocean, which got destroyed due to the evil actions of its citizens.

    The people of Southern Hinterland in their ultimate wish to completely urbanize their city, are destroying their aquatic life and increasing water pollution by killing fishes, draining paints and chemical fertilizers into the ocean and other harmful activities that increase the water pollution in the Titanic Ocean.

    Malia, a concerned citizen of Southern Hinterland misses the beautiful city that it was before and decides that she can’t live in the place with so much pollution.

    Malia wishes to bring a positive change into the water environment in her city.

    After finding out that the magic spell to stop the water pollution in Southern Hinterland lies with the mermaids of Angelicus Island, Malia decides to shift to Angelicus Island along with her mom and dad.

    Malia begins her journey with the help of Fortune Map and becomes friends with mermaids – Julie, Zaria and Banjo.

    Will Malia be able to save the Southern Hinterland’s aquatic life from dying ?