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Blood Empires


Daniel Lloyd Director


    Blood Empires has been turned down by over 50 festivals; it has also made it to the final selection process of more than half of those, including Wales International Film Festival, Oaxaca, Pollygrind, and currently is the first alternate for the Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival.

    We have also been told we are one of the most discussed films in the processes.

    However, we did get to have our World Premiere at The Macabre Faire Film Festival where we were nominated for 4 awards and won two, making our total awards so far, 4.

    We are looking forward to whatever new festival would like to invite us. "Blood Empires" is a story about family, love, and struggling to rise.

    Daniel, an unassuming hitman with a secret; Elena an unlikely cop.

    The Director Peter Joachim, travelled from India, shot first feature in twelve days.

    A stylized allegory gives a look into the characters’ everyday decisions.

    The film is a psychological crime drama; deliberate in the embrace of the b-movie 70's crime novel, with a bit of art house mixed in. The film also features some fantastic supporting cast such as: Walter Alza who played 'Raoul', 50 cent's nemesis in 'Get Rich or Die Tryin'; Jackie Laidlaw who played supporting lead to Sigourney Weaver, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Alan Rickman in 'Snow Cake; and, Jerry Schaefer from 'Tommy Boy', 'Due South', and series regular 'Ed Frid' in 'The Red Green Show'.