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Mysterious Scenes from Swamps


Ash Sumpter Director


    "A young photographer is coming to take some pictures into the large swamps.

    But by the passion for his favorite activity, loses track of time and he becomes lost. The battery in his cellphone dies and young man after a few hours of wandering in the dark, he's unable to find the way back.

    Efforts is reflected in the next days, but no success.

    He becomes cut off from the world, only in his soul still believes in happy ending. However, how flowing day and night, youth's mental condition worsens, starting panic and hallucinating and by his camera, he starts record videos, where he regrets everything bad that he ever has done.

    By this recording, he enters into his conscience.

    He enters also deeper and deeper into the swamp and it seems that the hope dies in this gorgeous water hell.

    Can he find the way back out of the swamp or back to life? "