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The Diary of Dreams (Ditari i Ëndrrave)


Xhulio Joka Director


    The movie starts with the narration of Keit (Keitlin Shëngjergji).

    She and Anna (Altea Mukaj) are Rachel's (Klesta Rapaj) best friends since childhood.

    During an April day Rachel is found dead in the school toilets reported to have committed suicide.

    Keit and Anna find Rachel's diary where the truth is hidden.

    Rachel explains that she felt in love with an older orphan boy called Jim (Mario Kola) who was linked with drug lords in the city.

    One day the boy is found dead trying to keep his promise to Rachel, that he would give up from the drug chain to start a normal life.

    After a while finding herself depressive and without hope surrounded by problems in her family, Rachel commits suicide.

    The film ends with figures about the connection between teenagers and drugs.