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Ashamed Cupid


    ASHAMED CUPID is a conceptual name of 3 short stories that stand as metaphors against atrocities that women face in different layers in the society.

    This film is a visual protest against it. LOVE IN THE LOUNGE is a short story of an escort.

    The story reveals some of shocking truths of her life as she chats with her old friend on her android phone.

    It is only during the discussion that she comes to face certain harsh realities that scatter her life in moments. WITNESS is a story of a slum girl getting raped by a local leader.

    She goes through the trauma and decides to avenge the wrong doing. ANONYMOUS (Naam Prokashey Onichook) is a tale of a married woman who opens up a Pandora’s box as she washes her dirty linen in a woman's magazine...but the course of her disclosure is visualized here.