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Finding Neptune

Tosin Coker Director


    Allen (James Edward Shippy), an astronomy enthusiast, and Jennifer (Rachae Thomas), a college junior, are in the honeymoon stage of their new relationship.

    They are inseparable and their attraction for each other is undeniable.

    As they picnic on the beach they ponder all of the possibilities that their love can grow too. Within a year of taking the next big step and moving in with each other, things slowly start to deteriorate between the couple.

    As Allen and Jennifer’s true identities are revealed, their relationship is put to the test when Allen is caught masturbating to Internet porn.

    This is the last straw in a long line of missteps on Allen’s behalf.

    The next day he confronts Jennifer about his transgressions.

    But, Jennifer has already made up her mind, and is neatly packed to leave the apartment and Allen for good.

    She has also been drinking heavily, a bad habit exposed since they moved in together. While testing the boundaries of their love, Allen and Jennifer’s relationship slowly begins to unravel.

    Although Jennifer is done with the relationship, Allen makes a last ditch effort to reconnect with her on the sexual level that initially attracted them to each other. Eventually, Allen fails at this attempt with Jennifer and she finally leaves Allen at the apartment, alone.

    While separated, they are simultaneously confronted with the choice of going back to what was or moving on to what could be.