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Iran, Islamic Republic of

    “We have to stay awake, otherwise we will die in asleep.” Someone told me that if you want to be a hero, be a champion, you have to stay awake as many as you can.

    Finally one day, I catch my national champion and world champion.

    I always stay awake all the day and more nights.

    I’ll be awake.

    I am a national champion.

    Champion of fight.

    Champion of hurt.

    Champion of kick.

    Champion of focused, sport, standing, be a model.

    Champion of a nationality.

    Champion of karate.

    I have some enemy, or not? I will win or not? I have to beat 9 people to back to my regular position in sport.

    Why? Why am I not here? Why can’t I breathe? Why don’t I kick somebody in white cloth, anymore? Why don’t i have any sense? I have competition, a big one.

    They will encourage me.

    They will give me my medals.

    My gold’s medal.

    They’ll like me.

    Someone will love me.

    Someone love me now.

    Where? Why don’t anybody love me anymore? Why I’m not here? Why? in my mind , in my dreams , in my breaths , I feel my enemies .

    They are everywhere.

    They are everybody.

    They don’t want to someone love me or someone give me my medals.

    Someone encourage me.

    Why? Why I’m not here? Why I don’t have any sense? I don’t feel my daily life.

    My daily life don’t pass anymore.

    My mind don’t fly anymore, any far from here, from this kind opinion.

    What happened for me? Why can’t I sleep? I have to sleep.

    Sleeping will solve all my problems.

    Why don’t I feel any pain? I have to sleep now.

    I want to sleep now.

    I sleep …