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The Serbian Lawyer


    Taking place over the 4 years of the Karadzic trial, the film follows Marko's journey from an idealistic young lawyer to a doubt-ridden veteran.

    As Marko comes face to face with people who have lost family and friends during the war, he can no longer hide behind the lawyer's mask.

    Various theories, ballistics reports and conflicting histories which he has been examining in the Hague, are no longer abstract pieces of evidence, they are real people's lives.

    Suddenly Marko's job begins to seep into all aspects of his personal life.

    His marriage to a Slovenian wife, from the opposite side of the Yugoslavs wars, is pushed to the breaking point, his relationship with his liberal friends in Belgrade becomes strained and Marko is forced to re-examine his own role in the trial and his attitudes to war and guilt.

    Is he helping the reconciliation or is he just deepening the rifts? Is he seeking out truth or is he distorting it? Does truth even exist? As Marko prepares to start a family of his own, he realises that he must choose between his job and his humanity.