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    On 25th February 2014, based on no evidence, a Ugandan tabloid published names and photographs of the people they perceived to be the “Top homosexuals” in the country.

    This outing not only provoked widespread hate messages towards people perceived to be of LGBT orientation but also instigated widespread debate among the Ugandan society. Based on a true story, the film looks into the life of JOHN ALEX KIGOZI aka VIDA who appears on the front page of the tabloid despite the fact that he had never disclosed his sexuality to anyone.

    Following the outing, Vida’s life turns woeful when he consequently loses his Job and the house. DETECTIVE HUMMER, a special investigation officer lists Vida as the most dangerous gay man in Uganda.

    In the quest to find concrete evidence about him and the whole gay network in Kampala, Vida and his comrade Solomon are arrested and detained for 48hrs.

    At the detention facility, they are brutally tortured and later released for “lack of sufficient evidence.” The film also explorers the undying love of a mother.

    In the movie, only Vida’s mother feels that her son deserves equal societal treatment despite his sexual orientation.

    However, due to the stigma, she is also afraid to host him at her home.

    As a result of the outing, stigma and society’s persecution, Vida later meets his death in the hands of the Mob.