Building creative bridges by awarding no & low-budget filmmakers & audiences with moments of radical Americanization [ 2007 ] 2006
4th. ideology cola awards

gracias for all your entries,
out of 51 from 14 countries,
these are the winners:

Ikuma Siku
País: Canadá
Género: Animación
Director: Gleen Gear
Duración: 6:58 min.
Sinopsis: Ikuma Siku ("fire and ice") is an experimental animation exploring the growing friendship between an Inuk and an English immigrant set in and around the rugged coastline of northern Labrador in 1849. It unfolds as a poetic narrative with roots that stem from family history in a land suffused with magical realism.

Shackleton Quest for the Pole.
País: USA
Género: Ficción
Director: Miska Draskocy
Duración: 8:37 min
Presupuesto: $50
Sinopsis: In the year 2005 Lord Bramwel Shackleton, great grandson of Sir Ernest Shackleton, set out to achieve the goal that had eluded his family for generations: the South Pole.

Earth Spirit
País: USA
Género: Ficción
Director: Alan Gorg
Duración: 85 min.
Sinopsis: Troubled city youth is drawn back home by an indigenous spirit, it defends the land of his ancestors against explotation by oil and mining interests. This fictionalized story was inspired by the decades of struggle mining pollution at Black Mesa in Arizona.

País: USA
Género: Ficción
Director: Marc Higa
Duración: 90 min.
Sinopsis: Jake Stein woke up this morning, he cannot remember his name, his life or why he is covered in blood. Only to find a woman murdered lying next to him with no recollection of the incident or anything about her. The police arrive on the scene before Jake is able to engage the assistance of a reluctant and skeptical lawyer, Natalie. They begin to work together to attempt to follow the clues to Jake's Past. As they come closer to the truth, the more Jake feels he is guilty of this monstrous crime. What do you do when all of the evidence points to you?

País: USA
Género: Comedia
Director: Jenni Elliot
Duración: 4 min
Sinopsis: A mother is trying to get her family together to take family portrait. Hilarity ensures as she fights with her two children. Her husband, adds to the chaos by fighting with the photographer.

The Dead Inside
País: Canadá
Género: Ficción
Director: Brian Clement
Duración: 81 min.
Sinopsis: In 1948 Victoria Canada, two paranormal investigators, John and Lola are hired to look into unexplained disappearances at a supposedly "haunted house".

Between the lines
País: USA
Género: Ficción
Director: Anisha Pattanik
Duración: 93 min.
Presupuesto: $16,000
Sinopsis: Joseph Martin, a successful French novelist moves to Los Angeles to find the inspiration for his next novel about a sexy Latin tango dancer. Providence will surprise him when one day in the street he find in Yola, a mexican immigrant, the heroin of his book. The couples personal life gets intertwined with the writer's creative process resulting in a series of of unsettling events which will lead to the inevitable.

País: Eslovaquia.
Género: Ficción
Director: Daniel Rihak
Duración: 6 min.
Sinopsis: La rutina de la vida diaria de un hombre ha pasado a ser insípida como a mumuchos de nosotros nos puede suceder, lo que llamamos el abandono de nuestro ser.

Zombie Business
País: Canadá
Género: Experimental
Director: Mario DeGiglio-Bellemare
Duración: 16 min.
Presupuesto: $1,300
Sinopsis: Zombie business is unleashed as the 'invisible hand' of 'voodoo economics' produces disposable people.

Kuleshov Paradox
País: Canadá
Género: Experimental
Director: Witkacy (Allan Brown)
Duración: 10 min. 30 sec.
Presupuesto: $88
Sinopsis: A woman under hypnosis visualizes an abstracted world of fear and eroding freedoms, then she awakens to an underwater world far from the chaos above.

País: Suecia
Género: Experimental
Director: Martin Chab
Duración: 3 min. 49 sec.
Presupuesto: $5
Sinopsis: How our mood changes when we meet other people.

Impression on Moscow
País: Rusia
Género: Experimental
Director: Gregory Ayriyan
Duración: 5 min.
Presupuesto: $300
Sinopsis: Impression on Moscow just a my view of Moscow's life , after USSR collapsed, you can see poor people, homeless people sleeping on the ground of central.

X, Y,y,Z
País: México
Género: Ficción
Director: Paquito R.P. Gonzalez
Duración: 17 min. 22 sec.
Presupuesto: $30
Sinopsis: Ximena es esposa de Ybrahim, un profesor universitario de Literatura Mexicana y Filosofía que sostiene una relación enfermiza y co-dependiente con Zeta, su hermano menor. El tedio y una desafortunada relación de pareja, desembocan en un doloroso y catártico triangulo amoroso.

Coat of snow
País: USA
Género: Ficción
Director: Gordy Hoffman
Duración: 90 min.
Presupuesto: $40,000
Sinopsis:When a girl takes her video camera to her cousin's bachelorette party, the night begins simply as a gathering of friends and family from the odd parts of a woman's life to celebrate her impending marriage. Clothes are noted. Gifts are presented. Champagne. Yet quietly, before they even begin, small accidents lead to serious injury. With the camera finding its way through several hands and eyes, missed connections tailspin into abandonment and actual chaos, until the bride is missing.

Donkey Harvest
País: Canadá
Género: Ficción
Director: Allan Levasseur Brown
Duración: 11 min.
Presupuesto: $ 1,410
Sinopsis: A factory worker loses his job. Returning home to his family he embarks on a surreal journey.

Guión inédito: Carmin
País: Argentina
Género: Tragi-comedia
Escritor: Jimena Garrido
Duración: LM ficcional de 90 min.
Sinopsis: En un pueblo del norte de Argentina, Carmín, con sus 17 años, carga con la muerte de sus padres en un confuso episodio pasional. A este pueblo marrón y lento llega una carta, el famoso programa televisivo "Detector de talentos" los invita a participar. Esta irrupción es suficiente para que las pasiones detenidas despierten todo su esplendor. Personajes, también ellos detenidos, son movilizados por la frágil fantasía del éxito, fantasía de escapar de un sitio del cual nunca quisieron salir.

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