Mas Cabron
Victor Gabriel Munoz Mijares

Video experimental, se presenta como corto de pelicula Hollywoodense, donde aparecen las mejores partes de la pelicula para lograr grandes espectativas entre el publico y crear un deseo de ver una pelicula que no existe.

Italian Waffles
Duncan Creamer
Sarah Scott-Harper

"We spent almost no money making this video. Maybe about $50 total for DV tapes and booze to help the actress, Rána relax. Music by

Manuel Blejerman
Luciana Silveyra

En un pequeno pueblo llamado "Luna Grande" nace Luciano, quien por un "accidente" en el momento de su concepcion, tiene la faculdad de captar las ondas radiofonicas

A Day Without A Mexican
Yareli Arizmendi

This video "mockumentary" presents a world suddenly devoid of all Mexicans and explores the effects on society (California in particular) through a variety of news flashes, interviews and colorful commentary. People wake up to find that their husbands, gardeners, baby sitters, stevedores, mechanics, doctors and business partners have disappeared without trace. Interviews and newscasts follow the story, from the man who learns that only Mexican mechanics know how to fix Japanese cars, to the woman who winds up paying $100 for a head of lettuce on the black market, to the Egyptian man who is hounded by people asking if he is Mexican. With the Internet blacked out by the loss of communications workers, one nerd notes that we have "underestimated the relation between Mexicans and downloading." By interpolating comedy with actual statistics about the importance of the Hispanic population to the economy and culture of California, Day without a Mexican educates without being didactic.

No Man's Land
Danis Tanovic

Ciki and Nino, a Bosnian and Serb, are soldiers stranded in NO MAN'S LAND - a trench between enemy lines during the Bosnian war. They have no one to trust, no way to escape without getting shot, and a fellow soldier is lying on the trench floor with a spring-loaded bomb set to explode beneath him if he moves. The absurdity of their situation would be comical if it didn't have such dire consequences. With the two men stuck in a bizarre predicament, a frustrated UN sergeant tries to help, despite orders to remain at his post. When a journalist waylays the sergeant while pushing for an exclusive scoop, she affects the unfolding of events and turns a news story into an international circus. With the world's press waiting for an outcome, no one willing to take action (lest they accept responsibility), and a soldier stuck with a bomb beneath him, Ciki and Nino try to keep their humanity amidst the insanity of war.

What Do You Want?
Susan Jarvis, Anna Porter

No -Budget. The results of confronting people with a simple, yet essential question.

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