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to be or not to be? (быть или не быть)


Darya Belkina Director


    Takhir Umarov is a performer of the leading role, student of the ‘’ARDI’’ Rehabilitation center (Association of Parents of Disabled Children).

    In real life he dreams to become an actor.

    His diagnosis is Cerebral palsy.

    In addition, he is wheelchair-bound and stammers.

    Takhir does not have chances to realize the dream practically. We created this project in order to give him the opportunity to make his dream come true, to uncover the actor and human potential, to help him in being integrated into society.

    There are many talents among people with disabilities.

    Therefore, all roles of this film are performed by young people with disabilities.

    Every second of their lives is given to them by incredible struggle, which enforces them to put a question for themselves: “To be or not to be”? And despite the dramatic conditions of their existence, their answer is – to BE!