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Young Syrian Lenses

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    The documentary "Young Syrian Lenses" was born from the meeting of two authors Ruben Lagattolla and Filippo Biagianti. Ruben Lagattolla, after a long experience as a documentary filmmaker in refugee camps in Iraqi territory, in May 2014 managed to enter Syria from the Turkish border with the help of an Italian photographer, Enea Discepoli, who had benn already several times in Syria.

    Once across the border with the support of some media Syrian activists, the group manages to reach Aleppo.

    The intent is to film the activities of the guys working in the information network and document their work of photographers.

    The documentary was filmed in Aleppo between April 30 and May 9, 2014. Once in Italy Lagattolla seeks help for the production and edit of the documentary.

    So he began to collaborate with Filippo Biagianti, a journalist videomaker of Urbino, who directed with Ruben the editing of the film.

    The documentary production begins in July 2014 to mid-September, when they managed to create the first final cut of the documentary. The intent is to tell the reality of Syria with a human approach as possible, without falling into the rhetoric of religious, Islamic fundamentalism, or the spectacle of war. The project "Young Syrian Lenses" was carried out and concluded with no budget, in a totally independent and voluntary way.

    Of critical importance was the extraordinary work of reportage done by Lagattolla during the days he spent in Aleppo.