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Misophonia 'X"


Nier Castielroy Director, Producer, Editor

  • Added 5 years ago to OS XIV 2016

    A girl who has a strange psychological illness as a result of trauma in childhood, Haruka, living his everyday life as a student, b / vlogger, Otaku and an Artist.

    Always feel lonely and alone in the crowded situation, but on the contrary, when in the silences or lonely places, she always heard the sound (the trigger) that made her feel crowded place to physically ear pain.

    The presence of Atlas, Haruka's boyfriend, who she found out that he had the same 'disease', making Haruka dark personality brightened, although slightly.

    And for the first time Haruka smiled as and for other people in his life.

    Within a short time, their relationship had ended as a result of their romance were over the limit, causing their 'diseases' breakout and dominate their bodies.

    Haruka who loved Atlas decided to end his misery.

    Felt she had nobody else and doesn't owned by anyone, Haruka choose her own to deal with life that she must through and she thinks thats the best for her