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sandra madi Director


    Even as a child, Ibrahim was obsessed with weapons.

    As a teenager in the 1980s he went to Lebanon, trained and ready to serve in the Palestinian revolution.

    “Would I be capable of killing someone from the Israeli army?” he curiously wondered.

    He still talks passionately about weapons and military operations today, but he became paralyzed in the conflict and has been bedridden in a hospital in Jordan for many years.

    Pointed straight at Ibrahim’s bed, the camera emphasizes his static, forlorn situation.

    Walid, a former tea vendor from Egypt, has been looking after Ibrahim for 15 years.

    He washes him, feeds him and cuts his nails, and they have heated discussions about the future of the Palestinians and the origins of Hamas and Fatah.

    But however important Ibrahim is to Walid, Walid’s wife and children in Egypt also need his attention.

    Ibrahim finds it difficult to accept that his good friend and faithful caregiver has a life outside the hospital.

    This leads to arguments between them that are reminiscent of an old married couple.

    Walid’s conscience troubles him – after all, he has sworn to continue caring for Ibrahim.