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Dennis 'Dish' Hardcastle


ideólogo monofóbico but I'm not the only one

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    "Dennis 'Dish' Hardcastle" by Ed Word & The Misinformation Superhighway Ed Word & The Misinformation Superhighway Ed Word & The Misinformation Superhighway 61 views Published on Apr 18, 2015 LYRICS: Broken glass inside a silver box. Curse the wine; it tastes like blood! You've got ideas.

    Scraping plates and watching water drain Turns like bicycle wheels in your brain All aboard a trans-American train. Autumn in Massachusetts calls to thee Seems you've had enough Always cleaning up after me. ABOUT: The man has always ridden a bicycle, and has never had a car.

    Rides the shit out of some bikes though.

    So while he's looking down inside the silver box, (the commercial sink), and looking at the broken wine glass and at his hands, all cut up from the pieces and shriveled, the wheels are spinning in his head (the bicycle wheels), the water's draining and he is hearing the great suck-suck-sucking sound, the gears are turning, and Dennis is thinking about his next move; one where he'll board a trans-American train and head for Mass. Band Members: Matthew Helms (A.K.A.

    Ed Word) - Vocals, Guitar Charlie Porter - Trumpet, Keys Andrew Moore - Drums, Percussion Armando Nunes - bass VIDEO CREDITS: DIRECTOR/EDITOR: Charlie Porter CAMERA MAN: Martin Jager