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Perfect theater

  • Added 5 years ago to OS XIII 2015

    The film tells the story of conception, gestation and birth of theatrical performance. This film shows how Russian actors rehearse the Spanish story about Don Quixote and Sancho Panza in the small town in the Middle Ural.

    The backstage life of the Ural theater that is full of Spanish passion is shown uncut and disregarding political correctness. The film tells the story of conception, pregnancy and childbirth ...

    theatrical performance.

    Directed by first patiently tames troupe, then endured the tantrums and whims, seduces.

    Great mystery begins ripening play inside the theater.

    Most intimate theatrical process first seen in the movie documentary, inspired and without embellishment.

    We see the new born perfect world, woven of fantasies, aspirations and ideas.