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The secret of the sauce



    the land of Samba, the country where the economy is growing up very fast, the land of soccer...

    Really? Do you know what is happening in Brazil? What is hidden? The real social problems? Researches shows that more than 60% of public money is stolen every year.

    And the result: children dying because there is no hospitals, food, water.

    People without education, schools.

    Look the pictures attached. This movie is nonpartisan.

    It just shows the corruption and how people with power can "destroy" indirectly millions of people. Celebrities of Hollywood like Lindsay Lohan and Danny Glover are seeing the Brazilian politicians.

    It is a current issue. See their Twitters. We used the money we got in publicity to create this film to show the world a call for help. Beyond present to the world all of these problems hidden in Brazil (and the terrible things are happening today in the poorest cities) our purpose is join a european content, form, photography and language with the north american cinema, the capital of this art in the world, proposing a kind of language that put the spectators in first place, sharpening their emotions and thoughts.

    Trust, it's very sad you see people driving Ferrari and at the same place, children eating garbage.

    We chose this kind of cinema because the documentaries don’t have effects anymore because you just need to look the other side of the street to see surreal things.

    The inequality is very big.

    In San Paolo, a very rich city you can see people driving Ferrari children eating garbage. But some the people are waking up and trying to change.

    Milion of citizens go to the streets to marches against the corruption, "The Secret of the sauce” has a particular content and style.

    This film uses a lot of elements of the contemporary cinema. We created a film with a different sthetic, almost a european Cinéma Vérité, that put the viewer as a spectator from reality, that is, you are not just a person watching the movie.

    You are living it too.

    We broke the “fourth wall”, and use many tools to create this atmosphere. The content interacts with the reality all the time.

    The story presents the trajectory of a politician and has many hidden metaphors.

    The film was shot in Brazil, but the production is a partnership Brazil x Italy and no government funding was received for making this film.

The protagonist is Rafinha Bastos, the most influent person on Twitter in the world (N.Y.


    He has a talk show in Brazil and this choice was fundamental because he is a polemical artist in this country and he gas a great power on internet.

Beyond present to world the social problems hidden in Brazil (and what is happening today) our purpose is join a european content, form, photography and language with the north american cinema, the capital of this art in the world, proposing a kind of language that put the spectators in first place, sharpening their emotions and thoughts.

    T In this film the mom is the Homeland and the father, the State.

    It’s not the same thing.

    The camera man is the media and the citizens are the “sauce”.

    And the great problem (paradoxically the solution): education… across the board! For us, cinema is more than entertainment.

    Through the art we can start new thoughts, feelings, questions and try to change the world, changing mind through the art.

    Of course it's not fast and the real change starts with a "Good morning, how are you?", but the stories, the examples, the knowledge over the years appeared more effective than wars. This film was selected to 6 festivals and it is in more than 10 short lists waiting the day to the official selection. Directors: Leonardo Liberti is a italy-brazilian director.

    With 2 documentaries, not published yet, in Europe about the history of San Francisco (Assis), Leonardo has 6 Cannes Lions, Latin Grammy nomination, VMA Brazil Nomination, Gold DVD and many first places on TOP 10 MTV, including independent artists. Liberti has more than 100 works signed to more than 70 brands and artists.

    This movie is his first fiction. Virginio Liberti is a written and award-winning Italian theater director.

    His works were presented in all Europe have the best reviews.

He was responsible for the spectacle of celebration of 150 Italian unification. Distribuition.

    We will start near the elections in Brazil. TV Rafinha bastos has a great talk show in a important television in Brazil.

    After the Festival we will present the film on TV and we will go to many interviews, generating news .

    Bastos has a great power to create notice in Latin America. INTERNET Google will create a day to release the film.

    Meanwhile they will disclose it every day through advertisements on Youtube (video and editorial).

    For free too, just to help the country and because it is a innovative project that they trust. NEWSPAPER (including WEB) AND MAGAZINES A lot of important magazines here and in Italy will create notes and articles, telling about all things that encompass the movie.