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Korean Song


    An Ra Chung is wife, mother, devoted Christian and teacher of singing during the day.

    Her passion is lyrical singing.

    She arrived from South Korean and has lived with her family in Argentina for more than 30 years, in the Buenos Aires’ Korean neighborhood. The story of this Korean immigrant draws Korean Song’s directors, who suggest An Ra to play in a theatre piece about her life.

    The documentary film accompanies this process, which changes An Ra’s life, but meanwhile the film is modified itself, due to the changes imposed by the family responsibilities.

    The relationship between the family and the film crew became tense, which means that both, the theater play and film seem to collapse.

    After the play’s premiere, An Ra opens a Restaurant, and decides to call it with the name of the film Korean Song.

    However, she must quit the play and assumed the consequences, asking her husband Victor, to be her voice, announcing the decision to the directors.

    At this moment Victor becomes an ambiguous role in the film, being the messenger of good, bad and unpredictable news.