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Stolen Moments


    After the loss of a sister and the possible end of your relationship , Marcelo , a freelance reporter of Maringa , tries to get back to the routine when she discovers who is suspected of a crime not remember having committed a robbery that compromises a longtime friend.

    This friend is Edgar, who owns an investigation office for those who Marcelo sporadically makes services of espionage.

    Using his investigative flair and the remaining time to unravel the holes in his memory, Marcelo follows their investigations and clues until see on the trail of a gang that clears memories on request.

    Now, Marcelo must unravel why he does not remember the crime who are accusing him.

    Does this gang is involved in amnesia of Marcelo? Why someone erased your memory? Countdown, Marcelo only have one or two days at most to find out everything, and alone he will have to face the human pride, that steal not only time, but also hope.