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DonPlusUltra - The Curse of Dr. Fiese


    In Doctor Fíese's laboratory a pizza man is transformed into a creature of modelling clay.

    Reborn, the hero finds himself in a cruel world of nightmares, accompanied by two fellow suffers.

    In a fast ride they have to fight against huge insects, chimeras and even a horny giantess.

    Snapped from the jaws of death, they finally find their human bodies again. Long: A breakup on the screen.

    A croak­ing voice orders a pizza on the phone.

    Strange things are flar­ing on the screen.

    They hint at sci­en­tific appa­ra­tuses and the shape of a pecu­liar being.

    Doc­tor Fíese is work­ing in his lab­o­ra­tory.

    The piz­z­aboy is fol­low­ing the call of his client, with­out any sense of fore­bor­d­ing.

    In an insane mono­logue Doc­tor Fíese dis­cribes his dia­bolic plan.

    It’s get­ting clear: he is not after pizza, but after the pizzaboy. Arriv­ing the lab­o­ra­tory, the inno­cent boy is wel­comed by the incan­ta­tory voice of the white coat, hyp­notic music and an appar­ently harm­less cup of tea.

    But this bev­er­age devel­opes an hyp­notic effect on his con­sument, par­a­lyz­ing its will.

    Drunk by his power Doc­tor Fíese starts to chant wild and mad while „microniz­ing“ his proband.

    The poor boy is trans­formed into a being of mod­el­ling clay. The crea­ture is slid­ing through a labyrinth of mir­rors to finally be reborn by the vulva-exit of a machine.

    One can’t tell dream from real­ity.

    The pro­tag­o­nist floats on his own legs, is raised and car­ried on hands.

    He’s enter­ing a cruel world of night­mares, ruins and mon­sters.

    After tak­ing seat in a car, that looks lika a pig, he meets two fel­low suf­fer­ers.

    They are trav­el­ing in ani­malic cars, as well.

    Together they have to face huge insects, chimeras, a horny giant­ess and at the end even themselves.