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    The Blue Olimpics Film directed by Jan Macierewicz was made for the Kikimora Magazine and used clothes from polish designers Dream Nation , UEG, Justyna Chrabelska, Pajonk and Nennuko.

    The spot is about playfullness, sports, joy of life and happy childhood.

    We made up new abstract activities that came out of childish boredom.

    these activities happen in the great blue, old warsaw swimming pools.

    Conciously we put together loose narrative scenes binded by climate, pictures and content.

    the same way childhood memories apear in our minds.

    we only remember fragments of our lifes.

    The movie Blue Olympics was taken on camera Red Scarlet and we used carl zeiss tilt shift lans .

    The Crew : dir Jan Macierewicz dop Mikołaj Łebkowski editing Piotr Budzowski stylist Sara Milczarek set decoration Natalia Mleczak