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Schwarzkopf! Martin Luther King in Berlin

Germany / USA
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    "What if Martin Luther King or Malcolm X were fighting against racism in Berlin today?" This is a question that a group of Berliner teenagers with a migration background point out when they decide to stage a play about racism in Germany today.

    Thanks to an immaginary trip through the history of the US Civil Rights Movement they find the energy to cope with a society where they are victims of discrimination and racial profiling.

    But suddenly the reality bursts on the stage when the German authorities decide to move the 17-years old asylum seeker Ibrahima, one of the actor, in another refugee center in Dormund. A new energy enforces the group and the messages of such heroes as Martin and Malcolm become even stronger.

    The life of their beloved friend Ibrahima depends on the success of the play, whose premiere is the last possibility to demonstrate that he is an essential part of the art community in Berlin–that the arts unify, do not divide.