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Points Of View (Guardian commercial)

Roger Bunn Musician, Activist

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    A very clever piece of advertising aimed at making the viewer look at the wider picture. Played out in black and white, a skinhead turns on a street corner and runs at speed towards a man with a briefcase. We get one angle, the skinhead is chasing the man. From another angle, the skinhead is going to steal the man's briefcase and from a third angle, the skinhead grabs the man's briefcase and pulls him free of some falling masonry. As we realise, we should always look at every angle of the story. The Guardian: Points Of View Agency: The Boase Massimi Pollitt Partnership Creative: Frank Budgen; John Webster Director: Paul Weiland Production: Weilands Producer: Glynis Murray Director of Photography: Tony Pierce-Roberts Editor: Ian Weil Brand: The Guardian