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Boy with a Frog


Bartek Bartos Director


    CHŁOPIEC Z ŻABĄ Three years in the life of a couple of kids, windshield washers working around the Magnolia shopping mall.

    Their life stories are similar; mother is dead, father is an alcoholic, alternatively father is living abroad, mother can’t cope with the situation.

    Adults are either absent from their lives, or they play minor roles.

    It’s almost like playing “Indians,” the windshield wipers hunt their bison, that is cars leaving the mall parking lot.

    They have money for Burger King, for KFC, for beer and also for drugs.

    Sometimes it’s stealing a gutter for scrap or pinching someone’s phone, but when winter comes Christmas caroling is where the real money is.

    On the street, kids grow up quickly.

    Luck had it that while this documentary was being filmed, Charles Ray’s Statue “Boy with a Frog” stood in Venice, right before being taken down.

    What can a boy do with a frog? He can blow it up like a balloon, he can kill it, he can release it.