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    “DARK DREAMS” the short film, is about TOM and his inner voice.

    He is an insecure young man.

    His inner voice is constantly growing to the point that it takes over his consciousness and it starts contaminating Tom’s surroundings.

    JONATHAN is Tom’s best friend.

    They are a funny duo, they enjoy to play billiard.

    One day, as usual, they went to play billiard, but this time Tom was not the Tom everyone knew, he was worried and quiet.

    Jonathan, as always, was making fun out of the situation.

    Meanwhile, Tom in his confuse state of mind was having flashbacks of his dreams… bad dreams. That night, he relived his internal confusion through a continuation of his past dreams.

    He woke up abruptly, scared and nervous, Tom called his girlfriend SARAH.

    She came over his apartment right away, but she was not expecting to see what she found. Tom’s dreams of fear and negativity are part of all of us.

    It is the internal fight we face at some point in our lives and most of the time we don’t find the ending.