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Inheritors of Misery


Anas Mallick Director


    This documentary highlights the ethnic and religious cleansing campaign targeting the Hazara Shia community in Pakistan’s Balochistan province.

    In the late 19th century, Pakistan’s Hazara Shias fled persecution in Afghanistan for what is now Pakistan.

    Now, for over two decades, they have been the targets of a relentless killing campaign by anti-Shia terrorist groups that has taken the lives of over a thousand Hazara Shias from all walks of life.

    The Hazara Shias have largely abstained from violence and remain patriotic Pakistanis — despite their persecution and the failure of all organs of the Pakistani state to protect them and hold their killers to account.

    The film brings human faces and voices to the statistics and news accounts.

    Their story is one of persecution, suffering—and remarkable resilience.