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The Crossing (El Cruce)

United States

Nick Triolo Director


    "The Crossing" is a 20-minute documentary that follows activist, writer, and sponsored trail runner Nick Triolo as he organizes and attempts a 70-mile protest run in resistance to open-pit gold mining in Southern Baja, Mexico. The protest was a grassroots campaign to unify and mobilize an entire peninsula to defend the Sierra, an important symbol of undeveloped, wild beauty in the region.

    In three months, Nick collaborated with environmental groups, artists and government officials to implement a protest that included multiple rallies, town meetings, and finally...a protest run. The campaign culminated on April 6th, 2013, with the first-known, 70-mile foot crossing of the entire Baja Peninsula -- from the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific Ocean.

    The route, joined by hundreds of Mexicans, traversed the Sierra Mountains and cut through the heart of proposed mining sites.