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Profile Project : Freddy Candia

Lara Jacoski Director


    Freddy Candia is a very helpful man.

    Low height and great speaker, he’s the master of improvisation, be it on civil construction, mechanics or even at the kitchen, always with a big smile in his face and a ready made gag.

    He had a troubled childhood, was raised at the countryside and left the house early to face life.

    Nowadays Freddy founded his NGO, CECAM Bolivia, which constructs ecological bathrooms, solar oven and economic kitchens for areas with less favored families. (This film is part of Profile Project, a project that seeks inspiring people all over the world in order to transform our society.) - [About Profile Project ] The project profile is ABOUT PEOPLE TO THE PEOPLE. In a period where companies have more say than regular people, where machines make more than hands, Perfil Project looks for the humanisation of life.

    It explores if that humans could be concomitant of the same race. We’re searching for people with stories and/or unique skills e.g.

    artists, chefs, storyteller, gardeners, tailors, carpenters, housewives, builders, musicians, entrepreneurs and people who can transmit the beauty of being a regular person, different or no. Going against the celebration and worship of spectacle culture, the project will create mini profiles of interesting individuals that can instruct, inspire and open up new horizons with their particular skills, for all the culture, creativity and love that’s around.