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Good Shit and Magic Sticks


Jiggy Gregorio Director


    This entry is a comedy stoner film in which 2 Stoners are eager to try "Magic Sticks", a new blend of weed in which they are able to see their fantasies whenever they smoke it.

    The film starts when a stoner named Phillipe who gets into an argument with her Girlfriend and decides to blaze up.

    All hell breaks loose when he gets to try a new weed called Magic Sticks in which Marijuana leaves are sprinkled with magic dust to make a stoner's fantasy come true.

    In his case, a beautiful young Dancer named Mary Jean shows up when he tries the Magic sticks.

    Joining the wild mix are colorful characters like his landlord who keeps bugging him about sharing his stash and Carlito his best friend who is eager to try it as well.

    His landlord Romyo eventually gets to try Phillipe's "Magic Sticks" with shocking results.