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Piggy Bank of Dreams (Sapnon Ka Gullak)


Siddhant Paul Director


    They are all good people. Amir is a helper at a shack selling chai (tea). He aspires to buy a bike. Ammi is a household wife.

    She works as a maid at several places. The ideal mother who wants nothing more than happiness for her family. Abbu is a former truck-owner turned drunkard.

    His younger brother duped him and his business failed after. Abbu wants mere oblivion.

    Reality is too harsh for him. Raja is Amir's friend and guide. Noor is Amir's muse. Ganesh bhai is Amir's fear. And dreams.

    They are Amir's reality. His dream to buy a bike. His dream to get his family out of his father's debt. Sapnon ka Gullak is Amir's story of struggle intertwined with several others'.

    It is a story about people and the ever-widening gap between the mystic and the real. This is their journey towards some dreams saved, some lived, and some banked upon. This is their journey towards life.