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Grey Glory


Brandy Yanchyk Director


    "Grey Glory" is a heartwarming and inspirational documentary about Canadian seniors who
are pushing their bodies to the limit, redefining our perceptions of aging. "Grey Glory" tells the story of five extraordinary athletes; Olga Kotelko, a ninety-four year old
 Masters Track and Field star who didn’t start the sport until she was seventy-seven; 
Christa Bortignon, who was so inspired by Olga that she took up the sport in her seventies; 
Milos Kostic, a seventy-two year old runner and triathlete who has competed in over
 twenty IRONMAN® triathlons; Ed Vincent, a seventy-six year old gymnast who continues
 to workout despite painful physical challenges; and sixty-eight year old Tom Heffner, who
 trains and competes in international bodybuilding competitions.
These remarkable seniors take us through their workouts, tell us about the secrets to their success and prove that it is never too late to start exercising.